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Zach Crichton and John Moalli – Contributed photo

Hello SJI,

I wanted to tell you a great story. Here on San Juan Island, a local man who volunteers in the STEM class at the local high school has created a fantastic opportunity for a local boy. Zach, who has cerebral palsy resulting in severe physical disabilities was working on a project in his STEM class.

John Moalli, the volunteer, was amazed to see how much Zach had going on in his mind, that he is unable to easily express. John and Zach have become great friends and so John, also a college lecturer, wanted Zach to have opportunities, and wanted his students at Stanford to think about others and their challenges, and how appropriate design could really impact lives.

So John began the unlikely mission of taking Zach, and his wheelchair, mother and para-educator to a Stanford class from Friday Harbor, and this spring break it’s going to happen. He has somehow got a private jet donated to transfer Zach to Palo Alto to attend his class ‘Dare to Care: Compassionate Design’, tour the Stanford campus and fly home the next day.

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  1. Kiwanis of Friday Harbor was pleased to donate funds to Zach for this wonderful opportunity!

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