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Here’s a letter from Curt VanHyning in the mailbag today…

Dear Editor,

Can you imagine being unable to get to your medical appointments, pharmacy, grocery store or community events? Neither can we so in 2013 we formed the non-profit shuttle service RoundTowner to serve low-income seniors, elderly and disabled rural residents of our county.

At $3.00 per ride, we are the only affordable, subsidized transportation in the Friday Harbor area. Without county, town or other government support, we can continue to exist only due to the generous donations of our neighbors, service organizations and the United Way. We are fortunate to receive volunteer time, and the commitment of veteran drivers. The United Way grant will cover most of our liability insurance for the year.

Feel free to contact us at curt [@] with suggestions or questions. Phone 298-6108 for a ride in the Friday Harbor area.

Curt VanHyning, Chair

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  1. Hooray and thanks to the eternal efforts, often thankless, of Bob Reilly, Curt and those involved in Round Towner and the donors; this is such an urgent on going issue, unless you become unable to drive, and have no one to help you would likely never know how huge it is to well being and basics of every day life; I am thankful to all their persistent hard work to keep this program going

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