Climate Action Rally and Solutions Fair

Salish Sea Stands for Climate Action Rally and Solutions Fair!

Join your community on Saturday, April 29 in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island in solidarity with Climate Movement marches throughout the world.

  • When: April 29, 2917
  • Where: San Juan County Courthouse Steps, Friday Harbor WA
  • Time: 12 pm – 1:30 pm

The People’s Climate Movement and Mobilization is part of a larger strategy to push back on Trump’s agenda of climate denial and fossil fuel expansion, and show we support real climate solutions here in the San Juan Islands.

Share your energy, creativity, and leadership to promote climate and clean energy solutions in the islands and resist fossil fuel infrastructure projects. This is our best chance of continuing to keep playing offense, even as we defend everything this administration wants to take away. This is an inter-island event, and planned around the inter-island ferry.

Local speakers on the topics of energy production, conservation, food, transportation, soil health, and other topics will discuss initiatives to reduce climate impacts starting at noon. Then stretch your legs for a march around Friday Harbor in solidarity with other communities around the world. The march will end at an electric vehicle car show and solutions fair.

If we want to build the future we need, it will require us mobilizing to make change.

For more information call Friends of the San Juans at 360-378-2319 and visit

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