What’s up for the kids, this summer?

Debbi wrote and says she’s looking to make a complete guide for kids about what they can do this summer – and she needs your help. Here’s more:

Hey, Ian!

I have a favor to ask.

I’m working on the SJI Summer Activity Calendar for our Youth 2009. This will be our third year to offer this to parents, families and to our community. The calendar is FREE with the help of the San Juan Island Prevention Coalition. I’m in the midst of collecting information from various people and organizations, but thought, maybe I’m missing someone! Would you be able to inquire if someone is offering a new or unadvertised youth program this summer on SJI, they could contact me to add it to the calendar?

Last year’s calendar came out of necessity for me. I found some programs weren’t advertised well, so they were cancelled because of low participation, or others would fill up before I heard about them. So, having all the information in one place, made it a better summer for my kids! The calendars will be available at the Children’s Festival (May 2) at the SJIPC booth and will be mailed out from the SJISD parent/guardian mailing list and various email groups.

I feel the more programs we can add, the more useful this tool becomes for families! I put mine on the refrigerator and we kept on top of what was available throughout the summer!

Thanks again, Ian, for your support of the programs we’ve been involved in. It takes a Village…

Debbi (fincher@rockisland.com)

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