Fill out the survey….

Pamela Williams biking with Ian.
Pamela Williams biking with Ian.

Tim & Shannon & the bike club want to hear from you – this is getting off to a great start (that’s Pamela Williams out biking with Ian last summer, right):

The San Juan Island bike club is looking for input from local bicyclists and would love to have anyone who is interested go to our website and click on the Survey link on the home page. We are a newly forming club here and would like to have more members and we would like to know what potential members are interested in. So far we haven’t had an official club meeting, but we’re thinking that when the weather gets nicer, and more people participate in our group rides, one of these times we’ll have a meeting after the ride and start making this club more of a tangible thing.

Could you put a link to our website on your update, and let your readers know about our survey invitation? The survey closes at the end of March so we’re hoping people will get on there before that.

Thanks so much!

Tim Dustrude and Shannon Dean

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